Friday, December 23, 2016

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This evening Miss Sadie came to greet me in the laundry room. She followed along to the kitchen so I could read notes quick. I let Sadie out front to do her business. Cole was barking at me from the bedroom, so I went to let him out. I took him out back to do his thing. I didn't even have to coax him tonight. He just went right off the patio to go potty. Good boy! He came in and Sadie was ready to switch with Zoie. After she was done too, we all sat in the kitchen to visit. Zoie was busy bringing me toys to play tug with. Sadie sat in front of me and kept stealing kisses. Cole came over for a few pets as well, but then went to paw at the gate. He was ready for bed. I made sure everyone had water and gave them each their treat. Zues and Miss Piggy got a few snacks and more water as well.

Bella & Chico

This evening all was quiet in the house when I came in. I said hi puppies as I headed to the kitchen. That got Chico going! I let them out and Chico zoomed out back. Bella tagged along with me so she could say hi. Once we got outside she tried giving me some hugs. Haha. Chico was in and out and nibbling on some food. Miss Bella was my little shadow and stayed right by my side. It was a little on the cool side tonight, so we came in and sat down. Bella laid on the floor by me for her belly rubs. Chico curled up in the chair behind me. Soon, it was time to tuck them in bed for the night with their cookies.

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This evening all was quiet when I came in. I said hi to the pups and they all started getting excited. I let Hudson and Gabbie out and they all bounced around me on the way to the door. The pups went out potty, then it was time to come in and eat. They were ready! Hudson and Gabbie both scarfed theirs down. I let them back out while Zel finished up. She joined them once she was done. Hudson zoomed off to the corner to go bark at the neighbor dog. I couldn't get him to come back for me, so those two barked at each other for a bit. Haha. Gabbie had raced off to join him, but later came back to ask to go inside. Too chilly out for her! The girls came in and sat with me for some pets. When it was time to get Hudson, he was already on his way to the door. Good boy!

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today I called for kitties as I walked in. I didn't see anyone, so I began to check rooms. To my surprise, they were having a party in the kid's room! I found four of them hanging out in there haha. I looked in and they all stared at me like I caught them doing something. That made me laugh. Houston was curled up in a blanket, Micah was lounging on the bed, and Smudge was sitting on the floor on the other side of the bed. Finn was busy hopping around and trying to get my attention right away. I found Henry napping on mom and dad's bed. He had the whole thing to himself! I looked around again today and still didn't see Charlie anywhere. Wonder where he's hiding out? I cleaned up Smudge's presents and the litter box quick, before I got Micah his food. Houston, Finn and Henry were all in the kitchen waiting. I had to go get Micah. I gave the other three a little bit to snack on today too. It was a game of musical bowls after that. Why is it that someone else's food always looks better than their own? Haha.


Today Murdy met me at the door and led the way to the kitchen. He hopped onto the counter and told me stories while I got his food ready. He waited on the counter while I filled his other dishes and took care of his food. Today, he hopped down when he saw I was finished and led me to the office door. He was ready for playtime! We got out his toy and the chasing began. Murdy was having a blast zooming back and forth, sliding across the floor as he went. We heard someone talking outside and that got him all concerned. Haha. He stopped playing and quietly stalked his way to the front door. He sat there and listened for a bit, then returned to play some more.

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Yesterday Henry was coming down the hall to see who was home. I went and checked faucets to turn them back off since it was supposed to be warmer today. I spotted Houston curled up on the floor in one of the bedrooms. I heard Finn meowing behind me. Shadow is a very good description for her! She raced along with me everywhere from then on, hopping on counters next to me to get attention. Micah was hanging out by the Christmas tree. I called him over to get his food. I couldn't find the other two today. They must have a good hiding spot. Micah ate his food, and Finn tried relentlessly to get at it. Haha. Henry tried a couple times, then just waited on the floor. Those two worked on Micah's leftovers.