Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sophie & Roxy

Today it was a bit warmer out when I came by. They were lounging on the patio when I opened the door. The girls were happy to come in and cool off for awhile. I filled their dishes and got them each a yummy rawhide bone to snack on! With the rug gone, the girls seemed a little confused as to where to lay down and work on them. Haha. They circled around a bit, and eventually found a spot in the bedroom. The girls laid in there and worked on them for quite awhile. Sophie finished hers first. When it was time to head out, Roxy carried hers along outside.

Noell & Navi

This morning I came in and spotted Noell sitting out on the patio through the back door. She saw me as well and came right in to say hi. She was quite the lovey girl this morning! Noell followed me around while I got their food and filled their water. I sat and gave her some pets in the closet where she was safe from the big scary work guys! Haha! They're super nice. I went out to go clean their box and found Navi on the patio. She was happy to get some pets as well. I carried her in, when I was finished, to the closet so she could eat too. She nibbled a bit and snuggled in my lap. Noell had gone back out to lounge on her patio. I didn't have to lock them up today, the guys told me they could roam until tomorrow morning.