Thursday, November 3, 2016

Oreo & Stuffs

Today Oreo was making his way down the stairs to see me. Stuffy was lounging in the living room next to the side table. I stopped to give him a few pets, then went into the kitchen by Oreo. He had his meds, then I set his plate down and he snacked on dinner. Stuffy wasn't hungry at the moment and stayed where he was. After I filled their treat toy, I went to the living room to join them. Stuffy had gotten up to go get a drink. He returned and sat next to me for some pets. Oreo worked on his treats for awhile. He took a break to do some window watching out the back. Later, he came and snuggled up by me for his turn for chin rubs. Stuffy laid on his side and didn't move a muscle.

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls came strolling in when they heard I was there. Navi sat by the laundry room door to wait. Noell was wandering in her circles. The girls ate, then we headed to the bathroom. Navi hopped up for a minute to sniff and paw, got down and walked out, then jumped up again to do her thing. She might have OCD. Haha! After she finished, Noell jumped up and pottied too. I changed the liner out since they've been good about using it this week. The girls met me in the living room. I couldn't find any mice at first, so I got out my flashlight on my phone. I found about 6 of them under the couch and got them all out. Noell wasn't sure what to play with! Haha. I tossed them around, but she wanted to come over for some pets first. She played with my sweatshirt string for a couple minutes. Noell batted mice around a little after that, but got bored and went out to her patio. I tossed some over to Navi and she'd wrestle with it for just a minute. But later, we found something she was interested in. She had a blast playing with my sweatshirt string! Haha!