Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

And just like that, the rain and cold has returned. Haha! I came by this morning and it was raining pretty good. I let the pups out for their break and started getting their food ready. They came in and all ate well. After breakfast, they went out again for a second potty break. The girls didn't care too much for the cold and rain, so they came in pretty quick and snuggled up together on their blanket. Hudson stayed out for a little while. Soon, he too, was ready to come in. Hudson came and sat by me and got some pets. He was one wet pup even after I dried him off! Haha. I tucked them all in their beds before I left. This evening the rain had stopped, but it was still a bit chilly outside. The kids ran out to do their thing and I got their dinners ready. Hudson and Gabbie came in first and were frantically dancing around in circles while we waited for Zel to finish and come inside. They didn't want to wait to eat! Haha. I gave them all their bowls and everyone ate well. After dinner, we went outside for awhile. Gabbie was busy exploring over by the pool and Hudson was roaming all over. Zel had found a bug by the patio that kept her occupied. That was funny to watch. The girls eventually got chilly and lined up at the door to go in. Hudson even wanted in then as well. Inside, he went around and licked all the bowls clean, just in case. He would stop by me for some attention before he'd make his rounds again. Nope, still empty. Haha. Zel went and curled up in bed and Gabbie sat by me for a few pets before bedtime.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Stuffy was lounging on the chair in the office when I came in. Oreo wandered in by us as I was saying hi. Oreo led the way to the kitchen so I could get their food ready. Stuffy didn't come in the kitchen until he heard me go out the back door. Then, just like magic, he appeared! Haha. The boys both ate for me and got their meds. Oreo hopped up on the counter and was inspecting the faucet while I was waiting for Stuffy to finish. So, I went and turned it on for him to get a drink. In the living room, they got comfy on either side of me and got their pets and brushes. This evening I came in and heard Oreo racing down the stairs. Haha. I called for Stuffy but didn't see him as I got their food together. But, I went outside to check Charlie's bowl, and there Stuffy was. He sure knows the sound of that door! After the boys ate, we went and sat in our spots. Oreo later got up to go snack some more. Stuffy stayed and enjoyed his brushes, then suddenly hopped up and wandered off.

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was in the kitchen when I arrived. She walked back and forth from the kitchen to the laundry room, brushing up against the doorway as she went. I got their food ready and finally Navi came in to eat too. After I took care of my things, I spotted Noell waiting for me in the living room as usual. Navi took a break from breakfast to come join us. The girls got their usual pets and Navi snuggled up in my lap. The girls both had fun playing with the fishy toy today. Navi wandered off to go eat some more and returned later on to play a bit. She was ready for her treats when it was time.