Monday, December 4, 2017

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

This morning I came in and let the pups outside. Gabi was having one of her sneezing fits on the way. Haha. It was nice and warm out, but super windy this morning. The pups had a blast outside. Hudson was jumping around through the brush obstacle course. Later, all three were zooming around and racing each other. Gabi made a run for it several times when she thought we'd go inside. I tried to play fetch with Prue, but she wanted to explore instead. This afternoon it was amazing outside! The pups did well and we headed out back right away. Prue ran and got her football for me, so we played a nice game of fetch. I had to keep on Hudson, because he was digging for moles again. Haha. We came in and they all ate their dinners for me. Back outside, Gabi stretched herself out in the grass and enjoyed the warm weather. This evening it turned very cold and even windier out. The pups did well inside again and I let them out back. Brrr! Gabi was not having it. Haha. I let her in after a bit and the other two came along. Hudson and Prue took turns, one chewing on the bone and the other getting pets. Then they'd switch. Gabi was all snuggled on her bed. I let the big pups out again later for a last potty break before bedtime.