Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was lounging on his chair. He stretched his legs out and gave a big yawn as he saw me come in. Time to eat! Stuffy had wandered in and sat below him on the floor while I got their breakfast ready. Oreo had to come off his perch to get his pill, then I gave the boys their food. They were happy to join me in the living room after their bellies were full. Oreo stayed for a bit, then went to look out the windows. Stuffy was loving up his brush time and laid on his side to take a snooze. This evening, Stuffy was sitting in the living room and Oreo was in his usual spot. Oreo came down and sat in the kitchen to wait for dinner. Stuffy went and sat by the back door. After Oreo finished, he got up on the counter to get his dessert. Both boys cozied up next to me in front of the fire on this rainy evening. They purred away and relaxed. Oreo got up and left after some time. Stuffy was happy in front of his fire though. Best spot in the house!