Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning the kids were bouncing around as usual. It was a cooler morning today. I let them out back to do their thing before breakfast. Hudson and Gabbie went out as soon as they finished. Zel stayed in and worked on hers until she was done and ready to join them. Gabbie hung out on the patio, trying to sit by the door to go back in. Zel started exploring along the fenceline. Then, Gabbie decided she better go check out what Zel was up to! Hudson was off in his corner, patrolling the yard. They had fun out back until it was time to come in and tuck them in bed. This evening, I let Hudson and Gabbie out and they jumped around on their way to the door. The pups pottied quick, then came in for their dinners. Hudson finished first and sat by me for some pets while he waited for the girls to finish. Next, we went back outside. It was a warmer day than was forecasted, but it was cooling off again this evening. Gabbie was quite the explorer tonight. She was under the grill, then over by the trash can checking things out. Zel and Hudson were off in the dark somewhere too. When it was time to come in, Zel was the only one ready. Gabbie had come to the door, but decided to come help me get Hudson. He was just sitting in the back of the yard again. Gabbie took a detour and found something interesting by the pool. When Hudson and I came by, I realized it was a frog! I got the pups inside and got them some fresh water for the night.

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls traded places! It was miss Noell that met me in the kitchen today. Navi eventually came in from being out on the patio. I got the girls their breakfast and they both ate well. Next, it was time for Navi to go to her room. She peed again for me. I set her up there several more times, and that was it for now. The girls and I headed to our spot to visit. They each got a few pets. The girls were kind of bored with me today! Haha. Navi went out with Noell to go sit on the patio. It was a beautiful morning for it. Noell decided to come in and get some one on one time since Navi was occupied.  She laid next to me and got some pets. Before I left, I took Navi back to the bathroom to try a few more times. She would just sniff and try to cover up what was already there, but that was about it.