Friday, September 1, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This morning Sadie and Cole met me in the laundry room to say hi. I let Sadie out front and Zoie and Cole out back for their potty breaks. They came in while I read notes and got their breakfast ready. Sadie and Cole ate, then went back outside. Zoie didn't want to, so she and I played tug with some of her toys in the kitchen. This afternoon the pups and I headed out back. It was a beautiful afternoon, so they enjoyed their time out there. Sadie went right out and found a spot in the grass to sprawl out. Zoie disappeared in the tall bushes and Cole sat with me for pets. Soon, it was time to head in. This evening, the pups went out for their breaks, then came in right away for dinner. Back outside, Sadie was barking in the dark at something. Zoie and Cole sat with me for some attention time until it was time to head inside for bedtime.