Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kylo, Bu, Panda & Tatty

This morning I came in and everyone was ready to head out and do their business. Kylo patiently waited while the others went out first. They did well overnight. After everyone finished, Kylo and I got some fetch time in down the hall. He had fun digging around in his toy basket and grabbing out different toys to play with. We headed back to their room and I saw someone had pooed in there. But, it wasn't their fault, I didn't make sure they went back out to finish like at night. Haha. I cleaned up and made sure their bowls were full. This afternoon Kylo heard the car pull up and was barking loudly inside. No one would dare try to go in there and mess with him! Haha. I let Panda and Bu outside. It was a bit cool, but was starting to get nice out. They did their thing and followed me inside. I let Kylo roam around out there for a little while and went to take care of Tatty's stuff. He came in and we tossed his ball around some more. Tatty came racing out from under the couch and up to the top of her tower when she heard him sliding around on the floor. Haha. After he went back to his room, she got some pets. This evening, the pups had done well again. They made their rounds out back. Bu was not wanting to go out again for me, but she eventually gave up and shuffled her way out again. Haha! Kylo was ready for some play time when he came in. He raced down the hall to get the ball, then would hop onto the couch next to me and would give it to me to throw again. Before bed, I gave everyone a cookie. They're doing great!