Friday, March 31, 2017

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

Thus morning it was cold out again, but slightly warmer than yesterday. Ruby raced out of her bed and lined up at her food bowl. After she ate, she, Rusty and I headed out back. The pups did their business. Rusty was all about his fetch game this morning! We got a nice long game in. Later, I went in to feed the others. Rusty was ready for his breakfast now too. Ruby told me she was ready for seconds. Haha. This afternoon I took the pups out back to do their thing. I threw the ball around a little for Rusty, but then he wanted to explore and chew on some grass. I went in and pet Salem, who was lounging in the recliner in the TV room. Sheba heard me and came out for her turn too. She rolled around and stretched herself out on the couch. This evening I came in and heard Ruby scrambling to get to her bowl. She ate quick and then the pups and I went out while I fed the big kids. After that, Rusty was ready for his fetch game. Ruby hung out and sat by me for some attention. When Rusty was done, I went in to feed the kitties and give them some attention too. Salem was lounging on the chair again and I gave her some pets. Sheba hopped up on the couch and rolled around next to me. She got her pets as well. Soon, it was time to tuck miss Ruby in to bed.

Daisy & Sophie

This morning I came in and called for Sophie since I didn't see her. Daisy heard me and started talking to me. She waited patiently while I got her her food. While she worked on that, I filled other dishes and scooped the box. Sophie had come out and sat on the counter by the sink while I had gotten Daisy's food ready. I think she wanted some too! When I finished with my things, I met Sophie in the living room and she got her attention. She is just the biggest sweetheart! She rolled and squirmed around on the floor as she got her pets. We played with her hair tie a little bit as well. When she had enough she wandered off again. She will be happy to have her people home soon!