Monday, May 15, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the girls went out to do their thing. It was already so nice outside! I got their breakfast ready and they came in to eat. I went to check on Sernea and got her breakfast too. She came down to check it out. After the girls went out, I got a plate ready for Chili. She was sitting on the dresser when I came in. I put her plate up by her and she licked at it. Rudy and Pip kept trying to sneakily get up there, even though I was looking right at them. Haha. Chili did pretty good, then she got down and went to get a drink. Later, she was sitting on the night stand getting some sun. I brought the plate by her and she ate some more for me. Rudy hopped all the way up to the top of the shelf tower and watched from above. Then, he made a leap to the bed. Crazy cat! Haha. This evening the girls went out while I got dinner ready. They came in and ate well. Back outside, they got right to wrestling and chasing around. I brought some canned food in for the kitties and Chili got up and went right over to one. She ate very well again tonight. Pepper was sitting just under the bench, keeping an eye on things. One of the times I came back in the room, I spotted Salt making way to hide back under the bed. After Chili finished, I went outside to visit with the girls. They were sure having fun wrestling out there!

Sophie & Roxy

Today the girls were sitting by the side of the house, keeping an eye on the neighborhood. I pulled up and they did their happy dance at the gate. The girls met me at the door and came in to cool off from the hot afternoon. I got them some fresh food and water. Roxy went to go roll around on the couch for a bit. By the time I came to sit with her, she hopped down and went to her chair. Sophie got busy on her dinner. As soon as Roxy heard the kibbles crunch, she ran over to get some food too. Sophie laid right by the bowls on the cool floor to nap a bit. Roxy returned to her chair to snooze.  When it was time, I got Sophie her pill and they each got a couple treats.