Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rusty, Ruby & the gang

This afternoon I came by to let Miss Ruby out. I found them both lounging in the living room, each in their own recliner. Ruby and Rusty came outside with me. It was a cold and drizzly afternoon! Ruby needed some coaxing, since she just wanted to go back to her warm bed. Rusty and I got a few throws of his ball in, then I went to play with Sheba for a few minutes. This evening, I walked up to the door and saw both pups in the laundry room. Ruby was bouncing around being silly. Think she was hungry? Haha! I went to feed the big kids quick, then came back and fed miss Ruby. Rusty wasn't interested at the moment, so he will eat later I'm sure. I got the kitties their food. They were both ready and waiting for me too! Ruby was more than happy to clean up the can for me. Later, the pups and I went outside to do their business. I found found a ball for Rusty, but I guess it wasn't the right one. He raced to get it, but just dropped it right away. Haha. I looked for his orange ball, but couldn't find it tonight. Hopefully it'll appear tomorrow!


This evening Shadow was right at the door to greet me. He strolled around in circles by me while I got his dinner ready. He helped me pick out a new can of food in the pantry. While I went to turn on lights and scoop his box, Shadow went to work on his dinner. When I returned, Shadow came and snuggled up in my lap for quite awhile. He enjoyed his pets as he purred away. Later on, Shadow got spunky and was ready to play. He hopped up on the couch to wrestle around with his kitty toy. After that, he went up to his kitty tower to give himself a bath.

Noell & Navi

This morning both kitties were in the kitchen to greet me. They waited and told me stories until I delivered their food. I went to take care of their litter and found an accident. Both of them came in and tried to cover it up until I had it cleaned up. Haha. I met them back in the living room and they each came over for some pets. It was Navi who wandered off first today. Noell hung out and enjoyed some alone time. Later on, Navi returned and snuggled up with me on the floor. She had fun playing with my sweatshirt strings too!