Thursday, May 11, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning I came in and checked the fence outside before letting the girls out. They went out to potty quick while I got their breakfast ready. While they came in to eat, I went and got Chili some food. I put her in the bathroom to eat so the boys wouldn't bother her. I let the girls out again and Billie went and hopped on the couch. I don't think she wanted to go back out! Haha. But, the girls went back out to play for awhile. I went and fed the hamster next. She heard the bag rustle, woke up and came down from her tower to eat. She stood up on her bowl to get a better look and sniff at me. Haha! I went and played with Pip and Rudy for awhile. Rudy was just dying for my attention! Silly boy. Soon, it was time to let the ladies back inside. This evening the girls went out and came in for dinner. I got all the kitties some yummy canned food tonight. Salt was already out from under the bed, but went back under after I came in. Pepper was just under the bed, so I put a plate near the edge for those two. After the girls went back outside, I went and sat in the bathroom with Chili. She didn't want to eat anything for me. But, she happily got plenty of chin rubs!! Pip was sticking his paw under the door at us. Haha. Everyone is doing well today. Hopefully that's it for the crazy storms!

Noell & Navi

Thus morning the girls came in and wandered around the laundry room while I got their food ready. They ate their breakfast while I took care of their other things. Noell was waiting for me when I returned in her usual spot. She sat next to me for some attention and Navi came and rolled around next to me on the other side. Navi went to go sit in the front window to watch outside for a bit. Noell decided it was her turn for some belly rubs. After that, we played with the fishy for awhile until the girls wandered out to the patio.