Thursday, December 21, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was in his usual spot. I brought him his pill, since he was too comfy on his chair to get up. He ate that, then came to the kitchen for the rest. I called for Stuffy but he didn't come out this time. I went to find him and he was lounging in the closet today. I brought his food for him there and he ate, then wandered out to join Oreo by the fireplace. I was just thinking yesterday, I haven't seen Charlie in forever, but I know someone is at least coming to eat, because the bowl is always empty. This morning I flicked on the light and saw the white calico kitty eating! It of course got scared and ran away. It was good to see someone though. After that, I went to sit by the boys and give them some pamper time. This evening I came in and saw someone had come by. They left the boys each a tin of their special treats. Oreo was hanging out in the living room, so I brought him his pill and food there. I called for Stuffy again, but had to go find him. He was upstairs this time. He meowed from his spot near the railing in the hall as I walked by on the steps. I brought his food, but he wouldn't touch it. I wasn't sure when the treat person came by today, so I tried to bribe him with more treats, just so he'd eat a little something and I could give him his insulin. Unfortunately, he wasn't interested in that either, so we had to skip his shot tonight. Poor Oreo was just sitting and waiting so patient for me by the fireplace. Haha. I turned it on for him and he cozied up by me for his chin rubs. Stuffy came down later on for some brushes too. As I was leaving, Stuffy went and sat by the back door and seemed interested and was meowing. I flicked on the light again to see what was up. Well... I guess it was the "other" white "kitty" that has been eating all the food lately!! Haha. I shoo-ed him off the counter. The garbage cans don't seem to be doing the trick. He went up and over the counter and down off the chairs. So that was an eventful evening! Haha!