Friday, May 26, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning the boys were both sitting in the kitchen when I arrived. They watched as I got them their breakfast. Stuffy wasn't too thrilled with his food option this morning. He gave it a lick and was done. I tried getting him to eat his dry food and he wasn't having that either. I finally gave up and got him Oreo's plate of treats. Haha. That, of course, he was happy to snack on. He got his shot and then I went to sit with Oreo in the living room. Stuffy had hopped up on the chair by the door and was content sitting there. Oreo loved up his attention though! This evening I came in and Oreo bumped his head (purposefully) on my leg to say hello, then led the way to the kitchen where he continued his head boops on my ankle. Stuffy was sitting on the bottom of the stairs. I brought his plate over to him and he gulped down every bit. After he got his shot, the boys joined me in the living room. They took turns itching their chins on the brush and getting some pampering. They laid on their sides and took snoozes as they got their pets.