Sunday, July 9, 2017


This morning Shadow came to the door right away to greet me. He circled my legs while I got his breakfast ready. I made sure to keep moving so he wouldn't get any ideas. Haha. Shadow went to work on his breakfast and I went to check his box. He ate very well this morning. Shadow took breaks now and then to come sit by me or sniff at other animal smells on me. Then, he'd go snack some more. Later on, he ventured down the hall. He'd come back but didn't want to sit by me very long. I guess he was bored with me this morning! Of course as I was leaving he tried to make a bolt for the laundry room to come with me. Haha. This evening I came in and Shadow must have been napping. I started getting his dinner ready and eventually he came out to see me. He worked on his food and later came to visit with me. He hopped up to his tower for bath time again. I'd toss his kitty toy up by him and he'd wrestle around with that. I gave him some pets while he was up there. Before I left, he came down to go work on his dinner some more.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today I saw Guthrie pawing on the glass as I was unlocking the door. Murdy was walking up behind him to see me. I made my way to the kitchen with the boys following behind. I got them each their breakfast and they worked on that for a bit. Guthrie finished first, so I kept him occupied until Murdy was done. I cleaned up their room and filled their dishes for them. Then, it was time to play. Murdy was sitting in his window already. Guthrie ran ahead of me to the office door and pawed on it. He was ready for his feather! I brought it out and he immediately started jumping after it. Murdy zoomed in several times today to get his turn to chase and pounce on it too. Guthrie was even nice enough to wait and let him have his time to play. The boys will be very happy to have their mom and dad home soon!