Friday, January 27, 2017

Panda, Bu & Tatty

This morning I came in and the pooches were sleeping. They heard me and hopped up and followed me out back. The pups took their time to do their business and headed back in. I saw they had plenty of food left, so I didn't add any more. They both went in their beds like they used to. Haha. I went to check for Tatty next, but didn't see her. I left her more treats. I know she's somewhere, cause she's eating those up! This afternoon Panda heard me and started barking. They went out back to do their thing. The pups stopped on their way back in for a few pets. Bu jumped up and grabbed my leg for a hug. Haha! I didn't see Tatty anywhere again, but her treats were gone.

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was in the kitchen ready to see me. She wandered around as I got breakfast ready. Navi was sitting by the window in the dining room and eventually came to join us. The girls ate and we did our usual routine. Noell went to to bathroom first to see if she'd potty for me. Nope. Navi was sitting in the bathroom watching, so I grabbed her next. She didn't do anything either. When we started walking out to the living room, suddenly Navi bolted out to the patio. I saw her jump up to the kitty tower and her tail was all puffed up. I then saw their kitty friend outside the dining room window. Noell did too and she raced over and attacked the window! Haha. The girls were pretty occupied with that today. Before I left, I changed a liner out and took them both back to try again in the potty.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and found Oreo in the kitchen and Stuffy sitting on the bottom step. I started getting food ready and Oreo brushed up against my leg while he waited. I dropped off Stuffy's food for him and he ate well. I sat with him after I took care of their other things and brushed him awhile. He got his shot and purred away as he enjoyed his brushes. Oreo waited patiently for me at his spot. I joined him for awhile and he got his brush time in as well. This evening I came in and Oreo led the way to the kitchen. I didn't see Stuffy on the stairs. I got Oreo his food as he waited on the counter. Haha. Then, I went to look for Stuffy. He was laying in his bed in the closet. I carried him to the kitchen and put him by his food. He tried to just walk away, but I turned him back around. Stuffy did start to eat for me then. He didn't eat as well as this morning, but still ate a decent amount for me. He had his fill and went to go lay on the steps. He got his attention time in. Oreo actually came by to say, "Hey! Isn't it my turn now?!" Haha. He and I went to sit by the fire and get him his pets too.