Friday, November 18, 2016


This morning Shadow was right at the door to greet me. He circled around my legs while I got his breakfast ready. It was a cold morning, so I was wearing jeans. That meant, he was going after my toes instead today! Haha. He went to work on eating, while I went to scoop his box and alternate lights. When I returned, Shadow came to sniff at me and curled up in my lap for a few pets. Not long after that, he got up and went to check out his reflection in the fireplace. What a goof! He went back to eat, then sat at his window, and back to eat again. I guess he was bored with me today. Haha! This evening I came in and Shadow was right there again. He helped me in the pantry to get his new can of food and his treats. I did my things while he ate. After we finished, Shadow came and laid next to me for a little attention. He was ready for some playtime then! He got up and started swatting around a pink toy in the kitchen, sliding around on the floor as he went. That was fun to watch! Shadow then zoomed over by me and wrestled around with his feather toy. He raced to one kitty tower and then back to the one by the couch. I had him attacking the feathers up there, then he'd hop down on the couch and roll around. He was cracking me up!