Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls came and met me at the kitchen. Navi sat by the laundry room door and meowed at me any time I looked in her direction. The girls ate, then I headed to their room. I saw there was a little pile next to their ramp on the floor. Uh oh! I cleaned that up quick and switched out their liner. Navi came and peed for me, so at least she's doing that! The girls met me in the living room. Noell sat and watched me while I dug their mouse toys out from under the couch. I tossed them around for the girls. They weren't too interested today though. They both came over for attention instead. Noell stalked a couple mice for a little bit. Navi did play some with her mouse on a string and tackled it by their scratching post. She then waited for me to fill her treat toys. Noell had gone out to sit on the patio.

Sophie & Roxy

Today it was raining when I came by. The girls heard me pull up and they ran up to the gate to see who was home. I met them at the door. They were good girls and let me wipe their paws before they came in. I filled their dishes as they were dancing around me in the dining room. Sophie must have been a hungry girl! She went right to work. Roxy came and hopped in her chair for a bit. When she heard Sophie was done eating, she went and took her turn. Sophie came and climbed into my lap for some attention and belly rubs. She makes me laugh! Sophie had to switch sides of the couch now and again too. Roxy came and sat with us for a little while too. She had to go and roll around on the carpet for awhile after that. Haha.