Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Noell & Navi

This morning Navi met me in the laundry room. Noell was right behind her to say hi. I got their breakfast ready right away. Noell was patiently waiting for her delivery in the laundry room. The girls went to work while I scooped their box. When I returned, Noell was ready for some pets. Navi was still busy eating. When she finished, she came and joined us. Noell wandered out to her patio to enjoy the rest of the morning. Navi and I had fun playing with her mouse toy for quite awhile. She hid behind her scratching post and would pounce on it. Then, she'd roll around and wrestle the mouse. She cracks me up. Navi took some time to come snuggle with me as well. Before I left, I got her her snacks. She went right to work and had a whole little pile of them out before I had the treat bags put away!

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Oreo came down and met me in the kitchen. He was going crazy rubbing up against my legs as he waited. Not long after that, Stuffy was sitting in the kitchen waiting as well. The boys went to work and I took care of their things. Oreo was already waiting for me in the living room, as usual. Stuffy came and sat near the bar while I filled up their treat toy. He came and joined us in the living room tonight and sat closer by us. Oreo snacked on his treats and got his pets. He took a break later to go eat some more. So then, Stuffy got his attention time. I moved the treat toy over by him so he could have a turn too.