Saturday, July 22, 2017


Today I came in and Felixx was laying at the top of the stairs. He got up, did a big stretch, then came down to visit me. We filled his bowls downstairs, then I headed up. He stayed at the bottom and watched me go up there this time. I cleaned his box and filled his water. Then, he came in and used his freshly cleaned box. He led the way back downstairs where we sat for his attention time. I got the brush out right away and he was loving up on that! He was turning around and making sure he got each side of his chin itched and both sides brushed. Later, I got one of his string toys out and he swatted those around and pounced on them from behind the recliner. He will be so happy to have mom and dad home soon!

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and didn't see either of the boys right away. I headed to the kitchen and found Oreo lounging on one of the chairs. He sat there until I started getting his breakfast ready. Then, he was up on the counter to supervise. Haha. I got him his pill and then gave him the rest of his yummy canned food. He of course nibbled on that a little, then went for his treats. Stuffy had wandered in and sat by the back door. Charlie wasn't out there this morning, so Stuffy went right to work on his food. The boys came and met me in the living room when we had finished with our things. They each sat on their usual side for some attention. This evening I came in and Oreo was making his way through the dining room to come say hi. Stuffy was lounging on the chair in the office. I guess it was a lounge chair kinda day! Both boys joined me and sat at my feet in the kitchen while they waited for their dinner. They both ate right away. After I finished with my things I went and sat by Oreo. Stuffy came in shortly after. They sat on either side of me and enjoyed their pets and brushes. Oreo got up to go snack some more, then returned and went and played with his catnip toy. Stuffy rolled to his side and took a little nap.