Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Kylo, Bu, Panda & Tatty

This morning Panda and Bu made their way outside. As Kylo was on his way out, he thought it would be fun to pick on Panda as he passed by. Little stinker! Haha. Kylo ran outside and did his business. He came in and we played some fetch. This afternoon, the pups went out for their breaks quick. When Kylo came in, he rummaged through his basket and found a bone. He promptly dropped it just right on my foot. Ouch! Haha. Kylo curled up on the couch next to me to chew on that. Tatty decided to come out shortly after that. This evening, Panda and Bu wandered out back to do their thing. Kylo was eager to come in after his break and work on his bone some more. Soon, it was time for bed and their snacks. They've been doing so great!

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls met me in the kitchen when they heard me come in. They ate breakfast while I filled their dishes. They both were sitting in the living room, watching the door when I finished up. Navi curled in my lap and Noell sat in front of me for pets. Noell didn't hang out too long again and disappeared. Navi stayed with me for awhile. I got out the laser light for her and she frantically chased the dot all over. When it was time for treats, she was feeling all lovey and was helping me out, of course keeping an eye out for any that were dropped!