Friday, December 30, 2016

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning was super chilly out! I came in and the pups greeted me at the door. I let them out back for their potty break. The girls were quick to do their business. Hudson came running along behind them and we got their breakfast. Hudson finished first and sat patiently watching Gabbie. He was a good boy though and didn't try to steal anyone's food. The girls didn't even want to go back outside since it was so cold. I let Hudson out and he went to go chat with his lab friend next door. I hung out with the girls inside and gave them attention while Hudson played outside. I had the girls go out for one last potty break before it was time to go. This evening the pups heard me pull up and were barking as I grabbed the mail. Haha. It had warmed up earlier today, but was very windy out. The pups went out before their dinners. Hudson played out back after they ate. The girls sat by me for their pets inside the cozy warm house. They went out again for another potty break before bed.

Sophie & Roxy

It was a chilly start to the day today, but it warmed up pretty nicely. I came in and the girls were napping in their house. They woke up and came inside to say hi. I filled their dishes and Sophie met me in the living room. Roxy sat in her chair as usual. Haha. Sophie got some pets, then hopped up next to me and threw herself over my lap. She laid there to get her belly rubs for awhile. Then, the girls both got up to go eat. Afterwards, they came back by me for some attention. The girls went and sat in the living room and started giving each other kisses. So cute! Then they stopped, because they saw I was watching. Haha! After that, Sophie curled up with me again and Roxy sat in her chair. They took a little snooze until it was time to head back out.

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today I walked in and saw all the orangies in the dining room! They all stopped to look at me like I interrupted their meeting. Haha. Houston was hiding out under the chair in the living room. Everyone decided to follow me around today as I checked for the other two. I found Smudge sitting on the desk in one room. Still haven't seen Charlie. He better show himself right away when his family comes home! Making me worry like that... stinker. Micah  got his food and ate well again today. Houston wasn't wrestling with Finn and keeping her occupied, so she kept me busy getting her off the counter. Haha. Everyone is doing well.


Today Murdy was doing a big stretch as he got to the door to greet me. He followed along to the kitchen and told me his stories. He took his pill and worked on his food for a bit. Murdy ran ahead of me in the study to get his toy. He pranced and hopped along after the feather on our way out. He's so funny! We sat at our spot and he played a bit. He wasn't as interested in his toy today. Murdy was in a lovey mood and was all about getting his pets. He rubbed his head in my hands and purred away. He gave me plenty of snuggles! Murdy will be so happy to have mom and dad home to love on him all day. :)