Saturday, December 31, 2016

Micah, Henry, Houston, Charlie, Smudge & Finn

Today I came in and saw Finn and Henry scurrying around right away. Houston was sitting in his usual spot under the chair in the living room. Finn raced up to the counter to get her hello pets. She then followed me around to check on the others. Smudge was on the couch in the front room and Micah was lounging on the bed in the kid's room. I cleaned boxes and went around to turn faucets on. It's supposed to get cold overnight. Finn of course came along to help. Then, I went and got Micah so he could eat. I got him his food and he ate very well. Henry was right there to swoop in when he was finished. Finn and Houston had been busy wrestling around on the floor. Haha.

Hudson , Zel & Gabbie

This morning it was pretty chilly out again. The pups greeted me at the door and we headed to the back so they could go out. They quickly did their thing and came in to dance around while they waited for breakfast. Hudson sat and waited for the girls to finish. Then, it was time to head back out. Zel didn't want to even go back out again. The girls pottied quick and sat by the door to go inside. We did, and they sat with me for some attention. Gabbie curled up in her doggie bed and Zel went to curl up in her blankets. Hudson had fun exploring outside until it was time to head in. This evening the pups were ready for their potty breaks. They were also super excited to eat, as usual. Hudson was bouncing up and down at my feet. He waited by me and got some pets until the girls were done. Back outside, Gabbie went right back to the door and started crying. She wasn't having it! She and I went in and she snuggled up to me for some pets. A few minutes later, Zel and Hudson were at the door to come in too. I guess even Hudson was too chilly! He promptly went around to lick bowls. After that, he plopped down in front of me and enjoyed his pets the rest of the time. The girls curled up in their doggie bed next to me.

Sophie & Roxy

Today I came in and opened the back door. The girls both woke up and crawled out from their cozy house to come inside and see me. I filled their dishes and they followed me to the living room. Sophie got a few hello pets, then went right to eat. Roxy heard her crunching on kibbles and ran over to get some too. When they finished, the girls wandered into the living room to groom each other again. Then, that turned into playful wrestling around. Silly ladies! Later on, the took turns to come up and snuggle with me.