Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls lined up at their bowls to await their breakfast. I went out and scooped their box, then came in to visit. Navi snuggled up in my lap to keep me warm. It was so cold out this morning! Noell came over an sat in front of me for some pets. Soon, the girls got up and Noell let out a low growl. They slowly crept up towards the back window, where their black kitty friend was sitting! Haha. They sure weren't happy. Navi raced out to the patio and they growled and hissed at each other through the screen door. The other cat sure was taunting her! He did a big stretch with his paws up against the screen. Needless to say, the girls didn't play much with me today. I got some entertainment though! Haha.

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

Brrr! It was so cold out this morning. I even saw a few flurries! I let the little ones out first, then miss Prue. Poor Gabi immediately started shivering. Haha. Even Prue's football was all deflated from the cold. We threw it a few times, but she was bored with that. She and Hudson were having fun racing along the fence and barking with the neighbor dog across the driveway. We headed in for a little bit and they chewed on their bones. Only Prue and Hudson went back out later on. Gabi stayed snuggled on her bed. Those two ran along the fence some more. When we went in again, Prue got her pill and they all got some treats.