Monday, July 3, 2017


This morning it was nice and cool out from the rain the day before. I came in and Jackson raced to the door, ready to head out. He ran off to go do his business. Once he finished, I came outside and sat with him. Jackson sat next to me for awhile to get his pets. Then later, he was off having fun and exploring. He was keeping an eye out for birds landing in the yard I think! Haha. This evening we were unlucky again and it was storming out. I let Jackson out and I saw him hide behind the grill. Poor bud. So, I came and sat out there with him right away. He laid underneath my chair for awhile and sat up now and again for some chest scratchies. I went in for a bit to give him some privacy and he did his thing before bedtime.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and Oreo was attached to my legs when I arrived in the kitchen, as usual! Haha. He circled while I got his meds and food ready. I called for Stuffy as I was delivering Oreo his breakfast. I didn't see him, so I went on the hunt. I looked everywhere and couldn't find him! Then, I realized I hadn't looked in the office. Sure enough, he was hiding in plain sight on the chair. Haha. I fed him and then the boys joined me in the living room for some attention. This evening it was storming out. Stuffy was hanging out in the entryway on the rug. Oreo heard me come in and was making his way down the stairs. Stuffy waited by the back door and Oreo helped me in the kitchen while they waited for dinner. Both boys ate for me while I tended to their other things quick. After that, Oreo snuggled up close to me in the living room and Stuffy came and sat with his back to me for his brushes.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today I walked in and both boys ran to the living room to greet me. As I walk to the bedroom, I noticed something on the floor in the hall. After I turned off the alarm, I headed to the living room. Then, I saw it. Those naughty boys had knocked down a bunch of figures from the nativity scene above the fireplace! I also noticed that they had been playing with the broken pieces and pieces were scattered around the downstairs area. I got the boys their food and Guthrie was intent on stealing Murdy's food this morning. I kept redirecting him though. Little goober. After the boys ate, it was clean up time. I moved all the broken pieces and unbroken figures to the office so they couldn't destroy any more. Guthrie was right in the middle of the action the whole time. I wonder who the culprit was... haha!