Friday, December 22, 2017

Bella & Chico

Bella and Chico heard me come in this evening. They ran outside to do their business. Bella came in to get some attention, while Chico started working on his dinner. Miss Bella kept crawling in my lap for some pets. It was cold and rainy outside tonight, so the pups didn't spend much time out back. Chico's little heiny was even too chilly to sit on the floor. He kept sitting on a rug or towel. Haha. After Chico was done eating, Bella took her turn to eat.  Soon, it was time for bed and their bedtime cookies.

Oreo & Stuffy

This morning I knew right where to find Oreo. He was as always, just hanging out on his chair. A big yawn, then a stretch and he was ready to come help me in the kitchen. He sat and meowed at me as he waited. I didn't see their "kitty" friend this morning when I filled the bowl up outside. Haha. I called got Stuffy and had to go find him again this morning. He was sitting upstairs in the hallway. I brought his food with me and he ate, then we headed downstairs. The boys sat with me for some attention time. This evening Oreo was on his chair again. I started getting food ready and saw Stuffy had come in to wait at the back door. The boys ate while I tended to my things. Oreo cracked me up when I saw him sitting so elegantly in front of the fireplace. For not being able to speak the same language, they sure know how to tell me what they want!! Haha. I turned it on for him and he curled up next to me. Stuffy strolled in shortly after and cozied up too. It was super cold and rainy tonight. Perfect for a fire! Oreo wandered off for awhile, so Stuffy moved and sat closer to the fire. He was toasty warm as he got his brushes.