Friday, July 28, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This evening I came in and let the girls out right away. While they did their thing, I filled their water and got them their dinner. They came in and ate. I got Zoi and Zephyr some yummy fresh veggies to snack on. They're still shy, but hopefully they will warm up on our visits. I let the girls back out to play, then went to check on the kitties. I brought them a little canned food snack to work on. Pip and Rudy quickly ate and were ready to play. Salt and Pepper were hanging out under the bed. Rudy was trying to snuggle me while I scooped their boxes. Haha. I grabbed their string toy when I finished and had them chasing around. Rudy climbed the kitty tower after the laser light a few times as well. Soon, I headed out to see the girls. Billie was looking up at the house. She must have seen a bird or something. Roxy was just hanging out, chewing on Billie's cheeks haha.