Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and Oreo met me in the dining room. Stuff he was already sitting by the back door watching for his friend. I saw Charlie sitting on the other counter out there. Stuff he made me laugh as he kept a very very close eye on Charlie. Oreo decided to hop on the counter to help me this morning. I got the boys their breakfast, then went out to feed Charlie and give him some attention. Back inside, Stuffy saw Charlie eating, so he was ready to eat too. After breakfast, the boys met me in the living room for their pamper time. This evening, Oreo emerged from the bedroom to meet me in the kitchen. As I started getting things out, Stuffy came in behind me to wait for his food with Oreo. The boys ate, then they went to wait for me at our spot. Stuffy got a few brushes in, then he went and sat further away from me. Oreo was attached to my hip as usual! He was all snuggled up for his pets.

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was the first to come into say hi. Navi came in shortly afterwards. The girls waited patiently at their bowls for their breakfast. While they ate, I filled their other dishes and scooped their litter box. In the living room, Noell came to join me for some pets. Navi was sitting by the window, keeping an eye on the neighborhood. I got the fish toy out and Noell got plenty of zooms in around the living room. She eventually went out back to sit on the patio and enjoy the morning before it got too hot out. Navi took her turn to come by me after that. She sprawled out on the rug and then swatted at the fishy toy for a little while. She was bored with me this morning too and went back to look out the window. She of course came running when it was time for treats! Haha.


Today Felixx was upstairs when I came in. As soon as he heard me open the door, he came racing down the stairs, meowing at me and telling me stories. He followed along to the kitchen so I could get him more food. Felixx brushed up against my legs all the way up the stairs then too, and waited patiently while I cleaned his box. Then, he had to use it right away of course! Haha. I went down the stairs and it took him a minute to follow once he was done. He must have thought that I'd left, because he was making the loudest meow on his way down! Then he saw me and came over for some attention. We got some play time in after that. I think he misses his wrestling time too, because he kept trying to grab onto me and tried to nibble at me. Haha!