Friday, March 24, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This evening I came in and let the girls out back. We checked the gates quick and then I went to get their food. They came in while I checked on the kitties. Pip met me at the door and started sniffing at me right away. Chili was sitting on the arm of the chair and enjoyed a few pets before I scooped their boxes. Next, I let the girls back outside. Neither touched their dinner, so I got them some yums for their food later. While the girls played, I went to visit the kitties a bit. I got their laser light down and that kept Pip busy. I stopped to give Pepper some pets while she laid at the top of her tower. Rudy was all about some attention too. His motor was running the whole time and he was loving up every minute of his pets. Later, I went to go out and visit the girls. They were busy wrestling around with each other, or sitting and just watching me. Haha! Soon, it was time for bed.