Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning the kiddos met me at the door, bouncing around and barking excitedly. I let them out back for their quick morning break. As I opened the door again, all three zoomed in one by one  and raced to the kitchen. I fed them their breakfast next. Hudson and Gabbie went back out once they finished. It was already a gorgeous morning. Those two disappeared in the dark, barking after something. Luckily, it started getting lighter and lighter out. Soon, Zel was ready to join us. When it was time, they headed in and went to their beds. This afternoon was just amazing outside! I let all three out and they wandered off. Hudson kept sitting in the shady spots under trees and just listened and enjoyed the nice breeze. He was just like, "Ahhhh! So nice out!". Zel was busy rolling around in the grass again. She made me laugh with her little legs kicking in the air. Haha. Gabbie lounged on the cool concrete patio for awhile, then went off to explore.

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning the ladies were ready to head out back. It was already soooo nice out! They went out to potty and I got their breakfast and water freshened. I checked on the kitties while the girls worked on their food. Pip and Rudy were right at the door again. They were so excited to smell the other animal scents on my legs. Haha! They wouldn't stop! I filled their dishes and scooped their boxes quick. Next, I let the girls back out to enjoy the morning. Roxy didn't eat for me, so I chopped up some of the stuff in the fridge for her and added it to her bowl for later. I got the laser light out this morning and had the boys chasing that around. Pepper was hanging out under the bed and was growling at them. Haha. Chili came out for a few pets too. Salt was fine hiding under the bed.