Friday, May 5, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning I came in and the pups bounced their way to the back door. I let them out and started getting their food ready. All three were at the door ready to come in. After breakfast, I let them back out for their play time. Gabbie wanted in after a little while, so I hung out with her inside and gave her her pets as she sat at my feet. She tried to be sneaky and made an attempt to jump up to the couch. Haha. Soon, Zel was at the door to come in as well. The girls snuggled up together in their blanket. I could hear Hudson outside, chasing his birds and squirrels. When it was time, he came in as well and they went to their beds. After he checked all the bowls first of course! This evening I let the kids out again. They quickly did their thing and were ready for dinner. After Gabbie and Hudson finished, we headed outside. It was a beautiful evening. Zel came out once she had finished. Hudson was off in the corner of the yard, just sitting and waiting. Then, he'd race across the yard to bark. Tonight, it was a little dog at the front of the fence that he was talking to. Gabbie would run over to go help. Haha. Later, he'd run to the back of the yard to bark at birds or squirrels in the trees, with Gabbie right by his side. Miss Zel was off quietly exploring around the yard. Then, she was scrounging the patio for dried up worms. Yum! Haha. When it was time, I called for everyone and brought them inside for the night.