Saturday, November 25, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and the boys were in their usual spot. I got breakfast ready for them. Stuffy nearly licked his plate clean. Oreo was in the living room waiting,  as usual. I turned the fire on for him and Stuffy came venturing in shortly after. Both boys took their morning snooze all snuggled up next to me. This evening Oreo was making his way to the door to see me. He led me to the kitchen, where Stuffy was sitting and waiting by the back door. I got their food and delivered their plates. I guess Stuffy was ready for some fireplace time tonight. He was sitting right up next to it waiting for me and Oreo was waiting in the living room too. I turned it on and the boys took their sides to snuggle up next to me. They both laid down and rolled to a side and took a snooze. Both were purring loudly!

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

This morning I came in and let the littles out first. Prue was racing her way to the door but wasn't getting any traction on the floor, therefore she wasn't moving very far very quickly. Haha. They all did their thing, then I called them in for breakfast. After that, we went back outside. It was another comfortable morning and wasn't too cold out. Gabi still sat by the door wanting to go inside. I told her it was too nice out! I tried to play fetch with Prue, but she wasn't into it today. She wanted to explore instead. Hudson was off in the yard, working on his bone. When it was time, they all came in and got tucked in their beds.