Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This morning it was starting to rain out very lightly when I came by. I let Sadie out front to do her business, while the others and I went out back quick. It had stopped as quickly as it'd started and didn't turn out to be much. The pups all came in and I got them their breakfast. Cole got his medicine and they all ate well for me. I sat in by Zoie to give her some company while she ate. After breakfast, Sadie went out front for awhile and the other two got another potty break. We came in and spent some time playing in the kitchen. Zoie was having fun playing tug. Cole enjoyed his chest scratchies. This afternoon it was absolutely beautiful outside. The pups raced out back and all wandered around in the grass. Sadie rolled around out there before sprawling out to get some sunbathing in. Cole came to sit with me after awhile to get his pets. Miss Zoie was off exploring as usual. This evening, everyone went out for their potty break before dinner. They came in to eat, then we headed back out again. They did their thing, then soon lined up at the door, ready to go in. Zoie and I played a bit while the other two got ready for bed.