Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hudson, Gabi & Prue

This morning I came in and let the little ones out and then miss Prue, who was going crazy in her bed. She actually sat for me this morning, so I let her out next and praised her. She knows the drill already! The pups did their thing and came in to eat. After they finished, we headed back out. It was a chilly morning, so Gabi didn't want to be out too long. I found Prue's ball in the daylight and we had ourselves a nice game of fetch! Hudson was off exploring until it was time to head in. I left them out to see how they'd do. This afternoon I returned and all was well. It had warmed up and turned out to be a beautiful day! The pups and I headed outside. I tried to play fetch with Prue, but she just wanted to chew on her bone. She laid down and worked on that while the others explored. I saw Hudson had started digging, so I yelled for him to stop. Then suddenly, I saw he had something in his mouth. He caught and killed a mole! I went over to try and get him to drop it, which he did, but he did not want to leave it! Once I finally did, then the others had come over and Prue was trying to dig next. Haha. I got everyone inside eventually. This evening I came in and let the pups out of their beds. They pottied and came in for dinner. Gabi didn't want to eat tonight, so I put her bowl up for later. We went outside to play a bit since it was still nice out. Prue went right for her bone and gnawed away at that. Then, I saw the neighbor dog to the east had gotten out and came over. He raced along the fence, barking and got these three all riled up. They all ran laps back and forth. I kept a close eye to make sure no one got any ideas or got into trouble. Eventually he went away and must have gotten let inside. The pups settled back down and did their thing. I left them out tonight to see how they'd do since they did well this morning.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today the boys were both at the door, ready for me. I came in and saw they had had fun with some paper towel on the roll on the counter. Haha. I got their breakfast ready for them and Guthrie was happy to help. I delivered their bowls, but neither came to eat. I scooped boxes and found Guthrie in the front dining room and he happily raced to the office door when he saw me coming. Murdy appeared from somewhere and they both followed me in to get the feathers. After I came out, Guthrie came to play for a minute. Both boys seemed to disappear shortly after. Guthrie had gone to soak up some sun that was shining into the front dining room. Murdy had gone upstairs. I went up there to see what he was up to. Sure enough, he was getting some sunbathing in as well. Guthrie came racing up the stairs not long after and hopped on the back of the couch to get some pets.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Oreo was in his new favorite spot, sitting on the dining room chair. He hopped down and headed for the kitchen. Stuffy was sitting on the floor in the bedroom doorway. The boys got breakfast, then it was time to snuggle up by the fire. They took their naps and stayed with me the whole time. This evening I came in and heard Oreo, but didn't see him right away. This time, he had moved to his chair by the back door. As I got dinner ready, Stuffy even wandered into the kitchen with us. Oreo wasn't too interested in dinner and went to go sit by the fireplace right away. Stuffy ate for me, then joined his brother to wait for me. We all sat there and the boys got their pets and brushes. I think I nearly fell asleep with them tonight! Haha. Happy Thanksgiving!