Friday, December 15, 2017

Kylo, Panda, Bu & Tatty

It was a chilly morning outside. I came in and Panda was still just waking up. He and Bu followed me on out back to take their morning break. They both finished up right away since it was cold out so they didn't have to go in and out a second time. Haha. Kylo thought he'd pick on Panda on his way out, so those two were busy until I got Panda to go in his room where he was safe. Silly boys. Kylo went out and did his thing. He came in and went right for the living room gate. He knows it's time to play and chew on his bone! This afternoon the pups went out for their business. I let Kylo run around outside while I tended to Tatty's things. She was just on her way out from her hiding spot to come see me! Since Kylo was outside, she took full advantage of all my attention. She loved up some chin rubs! Kylo came in and rummaged through his toy basket to get a different bone to work on for awhile. This evening Panda and Bu were ready for their turns outside. Kylo went out next and grabbed the door to the living room. "I'm ready! Let's go in here." He ran in and grabbed his bone, then jumped on the couch to get comfy. He worked on that awhile until it was time for bed. Everyone got their bedtime cookies.