Friday, January 6, 2017

Noell & Navi

Today the girls were waiting for me in the kitchen. They sat and watched while I got food ready. Noell waited at her spot as I brought the bowls over. I filled their other dishes up and waited until they finished. I had Navi come follow me again. It didn't look like anyone had used the potty. I put her up there a few times and she just hopped down again. We went to the living room and I had Navi chasing lights around for a bit. Noell came over for some pets, then sat off at the other end of the room to watch. Before I left, I took Navi back to try again. This time, she decided to try and drink the water. Haha! I pulled her out of there and tried setting her down again. Still no luck, but I haven't seen any accidents anywhere.

Sophie & Roxy

Today was another cold day. Luckily, our area didn't get any snow! The girls were all snuggled up and cozy in their bed when I arrived. They must have been sleeping, because they slowly came out and stretched on their way to the door. They came inside and waited while I filled their dishes. Roxy went and sat on her chair. I sat on the couch to wait for Sophie, but she decided to work on her food first. Roxy heard her eating and had to go get some food too. Later, Sophie came and piled up on my lap for some attention. Roxy even came over for a bit too. She made me laugh when she sat up on the arm of the couch on top of the pillows. Silly girl. The girls lounged until it was time to head out.