Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This morning the pups were all at the door barking when I opened the garage. I came in and they bounced around as we made our way to the door. They ran out to go do their business while I got their food ready. They came in and lined up at their stations to eat. After Hudson and Gabbie finished I let them back out. Zel came out when she was done. It was a bit nicer out this morning, so the girls did stay out longer to do some exploring. After awhile though, Gabbie was shivering at the door and wanting in. She and I headed in and she sat at my feet for her pets. Zel came in later on and Hudson stayed out a few minutes longer until it was time to come in. This afternoon the weather was just beautiful. We all headed out back right away. I had a good laugh when the girls were in the grass next to each other rolling around. Then, all three were going in different areas of the yard! I wish I could've gotten them all in one picture! Haha. Gabbie would stretch herself out in the grass to sunbathe. Hudson and Zel were off wandering around most of the time. The pups did lots of rolling in the grass this afternoon. Aaaahhh! They were just loving it out there. When it was time to come in, Zel didn't even want to. I had to go get her. Haha.