Friday, June 30, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

Tonight I came in and the boys were both sitting right up by the door. They followed along as I headed to the kitchen. Oreo rubbed up against my legs as he waited for dinner. I gave him his pill and he was a stinker and stuck his nose up at it. I pushed the plate closer to him and eventually he did eat it for me. Haha. Stuffy was waiting by the back door so I brought his plate over to him. The boys ate well. Stuffy went to sit on the stairs and Oreo went to wait for me in the living room. After I finished with their stuff, I went to sit by Oreo. Stuffy came wandering in shortly after. He enjoyed some brush time and Oreo got snuggled up by me for his pets.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today I came in and spotted Murdy right away. Guthrie came strolling into the hall right after. He sure grew since the last time I saw him! I got the boys their food and they hopped up on the counter to help me. Guthrie was so hungry, he could barely wait! I brought it to the laundry room for him. Murdy didn't want to join him and was sitting on the counter still, so I let him eat there for today. After I finished cleaning their box, I met them in the living room. I noticed they had been naughty boys and knocked over a lamp. Luckily, it was not broken. The shade holder was bent a bit but I think I got it back into place. Guthrie was ready and waiting for me to play and to get some pets. Murdy came and sat on the ottoman to watch for a bit, then he went and sat down the hall. After that, he sat in the dining room window the rest of the time. Guthrie was so lovey! He had fun rolling around and tackling his mouse toy.