Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sadie, Cole & Miss Piggy

This morning I came in and Sadie met me at the door. She ran ahead to the front door to wait for me. Cole was just waking up and followed along. I noticed a big oopsie as I walked in! I let the pups out and worked on getting that cleaned up immediately. I let the pups in when I was finished and got them their breakfast. Cole ate well, Sadie wasn't hungry I guess.  I let them both back outside while I cleaned up Miss Piggy's area and got her some breakfast too. She sure wants out to play too! Haha. She makes me laugh. She will be very happy to have you home! This afternoon it was still cool outside, but pretty nice out. I let the pups out back while I cleaned Miss Piggy's box. Cole wanted back in after just a little bit. I cleaned the floor up again and then sat outside with Sadie the rest of the time. She made sure to come sit with me for some attention. This evening, Cole met me at the laundry room door and we went to go get Sadie. She was already waiting at the back door. They took their potty breaks, then came in for dinner. Sadie didn't feel like eating for me again. Hopefully she will when her family is home again. Poor lady. I let them back out after dinner and then tended to Miss Piggy. She was letting me know she was hungry too! Haha. While she ate, I cleaned up her box and her bed. Cole came back in and I spent a few more minutes out back with Sadie. Cole got to get put on the bed before I left again. With Sadie's crate pad in the kitchen, the bed is the best spot again. Haha!

Bella & Chico

This morning the pups were ready to head outside. They quickly did their business, then it was time to come by me for attention. Bella sat in front of me for her heiny scratches, while Chico did stretches off the edge of the chair. He didn't stay out too long this morning since it was a bit on the chilly side. He went in and curled up on the chair after he snacked on some breakfast. Bella went in to nibble on some food here and there between exploring. This afternoon it was warmer, but still cooler than it has been! The pups came outside with me to do their thing. They could hear people outside all over, so they were busy running about the yard. Chico was off in the corner, protecting his space. Haha. Bella came and lounged on the patio to watch. When it was time, Bella was ready to head in. I had to coax Chico inside, since he was still on patrol.