Friday, April 14, 2017

Sadie, Zoie & Cole

This afternoon I came in and Sadie met me in the hall. Zoie was dancing around excitedly at the gate. I let Sadie out front for her turn for a potty break. I had to go wake Cole up from his nap. I took him out back right away. He didn't want to go, but I kept on him till he finally gave in and wandered off to do his business. Back inside, Zoie and I played a little tug with her toy until it was her turn to go out. Sadie got some snuggle time. Cole had returned to Sadie's bed to continue his nap. Haha. Sadie got up and wandered off down the hall, so I followed her and found her lounging in the hall on her back. Goofy girl!! This evening Sadie and Cole both met me right at the door. They were ready to head outside! I let Sadie out front and took Cole out back. He wandered right off the patio to do his thing. Back inside, I started filling water dishes and getting their dinners ready. Sadie came in and Zoie took her turn outside while the other two ate. Sadie got her joint medicine. Cole was scolding me from his bed, telling me he was done. Haha. I let them out and Sadie came to sit by me to give me kisses in exchange for pets. Cole went and curled back up in her bed. Zoie came in and got her dinner and Sadie took a few more minutes outside.

Bella & Chico

This afternoon I came in and opened the doors for the pups. Chico zoomed out and Bella sheepishly came out and followed me to the back. I guess we haven't seen each other in awhile! Haha. I called for her and she of course came running right over to give me hugs. We went out back and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon. Chico was busy patrolling back and forth along the fence, telling the neighborhood what's up. Haha. Bella crashed on the patio to soak up some sunshine. She would get up occasionally to come check on me and get some pets of course. Soon it was time to go in and get some cookies. This evening I came and let the pups out back. They both zoomed out tonight. Bella waited for me to make it outside by them and then she gave me her hugs. She sat by me for awhile to get her back scratches. Chico was in and out, exploring, but making sure Bella didn't steal his bone. When it was time, we headed in and I tucked them in bed.