Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning Noell was first to greet me in the kitchen. Navi raced in and went to sit by her dishes. I guess she was a hungry girl this morning! Noell wandered in circles in the kitchen as she waited for me. I got them their food and they went right to work. When I returned from cleaning their box, they were both sitting in the living room. I sat with them and they both walked over for some pets. Navi had some fun chasing the laser light this morning. Noell just rolled around on the floor, stretching out her paws. She enjoyed some belly rubs and plenty of pets!

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning Stuffy was sitting in the living room. I headed to the kitchen after saying hi and Oreo met me there. He sat on the counter to supervise. I got him his pill and he ate that up for me and wandered off after nibbling on a few treats. I gave Stuffy his food and went to clean their box. The boys met me in the living room. Oreo snuggled up and laid next to me. He purred away as he got his chin rubs. Stuffy walked up and itched his chin on the brush for awhile. Then, he sat with his back to me so I could brush there. Stuffy eventually wandered off to go sit in the office.