Sunday, November 19, 2017

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening Stuffy looked like he just woke from a nap on his ottoman. Oreo was sitting on the floor next to it. I said hi to the boys, then Oreo came and helped me in the kitchen. I fed Stuffy where he was and they both ate for me. Oreo came over for a few pets, then he wandered off to go snack. Stuffy hopped down as soon as he was done eating to go get a drink. He then went and sat in the dining room. Oreo returned and got some more attention time.

Murdy & Guthrie

Today both boys were right at the door to greet me when I came in. They helped me in the kitchen while I got their breakfast ready. Murdy came down to the laundry room to eat right away. I scooped their boxes and saw that Guthrie had joined him. They were both ready for the feather toy to come out after that! Murdy and Guthrie both raced into the office to help me get it. I made sure they came out with me and closed the door. Guthrie chased and stalked the feathers. Murdy played for a few minutes, then ventured off to go sit upstairs. Guthrie wandered up there a little later, so I called for him and he came back down to get some pets. They were sure bored with me today!