Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I came in and the boys ventured into the kitchen when they heard me. I got Oreo his meds, then fed them their breakfast. Stuffy ate very well for me this morning. He got his shot after and his back scratches, which he's really been enjoying. Stuffy started heading up the stairs after I finished cleaning their box. I went and sat by Oreo, who was waiting in the living room for me. He thoroughly enjoyed his attention time. Stuffy eventually came back down, got a drink and came to join us. Since he ate so well for me, I put the rest of his dry food back and half of Oreo's. Hopefully they'll eat well again tonight. This evening I came in and heard Oreo racing down the stairs. Stuffy was sitting on the couch, looking to see who was home. They both came and sat in the kitchen to wait for dinner. Both of them licked their wet food plates pretty much clean! Stuffy ate some of his dry food as well. Good job boys! Stuffy got his shot, I cleaned their box, then went to join them. I turned the fire on for them tonight. Stuffy curled right up there and took a snooze. In fact, both boys were just in heaven and closed their eyes and relaxed. They both purred away as they got their pets.