Sunday, May 14, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This morning I let the girls out to do their thing before breakfast. I got them each some canned food and they both ate very well. While they went back out to play, I fed Sernea and got some formula ready for Chili. She dipped her paw in it a couple times and licked it off. But, that was about it. I had brought her a little of a couple different canned foods and she wouldn't touch those either. I was about to give up, but I went and opened another different food to try that. That did the trick! She ate a bit of that for me, so that was good. The boys got a little playtime in before I left. Pepper and Salt were hanging out under the bed as usual. This evening I let the girls out again. It was a beautiful evening for them to play after dinner. I brought some canned food in for the kitties. I went back out to get Chili's plates and by the time I got back she was already working on one of the plates I'd left for the others! She must have worked up an appetite and she was really going to town! She even worked her way from plate to plate to nibble a little bit off each one. Haha. She seemed to be much more mobile today and maybe was feeling a little better. After she finished I went outside to visit with the girls a bit. Billie was trying to watch neighbors through the fence, playing with their dog. Later on, the girls were just relaxing and lounging in the grass.

Sophie & Roxy

Today I didn't see the girls on the side of the house as I pulled up, so I went in and opened the back door. The girls heard me and came running! It was much warmer out today, so they came in to enjoy some cool air in the house. I gave Sophie her medicine and then filled their dishes up. The girls both worked on their food right away. After that, they both crashed! Roxy was upside down in her chair and Sophie was sprawled out on the rug, both taking a snooze. They must have been comfy, cause neither of them moved a muscle until it was time to head back out.

Chupie & U-turn

Today I came in and said hi to Chupie, who I was sure was hiding out under the couch. I got her fresh food and water and took care of the litter box. I brought some food out to the garage for U-turn and called for her several times. Unfortunately, she must have been out exploring today. I can't blame her. It was just gorgeous outside! Back inside, I went to make sure Chupie was alive and well. Sure enough, she was hanging out in her spot.