Saturday, March 18, 2017

Billie, Roxy and the gang

This evening I came in and let the girls out back to do their thing. While they did that, I got their dinners ready. They came in to eat and I checked on the kitties. Rudy sure has gotten big! He and Pip were right at the door to greet me. Chili was sitting on the arm of the chair when I walked in, and Pepper lounging on the top of her tower. I scooped boxes quick, then went to let the girls back outside. It was a beautiful evening for them to go play! They kept peeking in the windows at me when I went back by the cats. Haha. I filled food bowls and turned the sink on for Chili. She sat under the chair for awhile and got some pets. I was trying to get a picture of her, but Pip and Rudy kept nudging my arm for attention. Haha! Salt was hiding out under the bed the whole time. Pip and Rudy got some playtime in as well, until it was time to let the girls back inside.

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This afternoon I let the pups out and we headed right outside. It was a beautiful afternoon! The pups had fun exploring and enjoying the weather. They would bask in the sun awhile, then wander around in the shade. Zel was having a blast laying on her back and rolling around in the grass! Silly girl. When it was time, we headed back inside and I tucked them back in their beds. This evening I let the pups out right away again and started gathering their bowls. Gabbie and Hudson were right back at the door, ready to eat! I waited for Zel to come in. Then, I delivered their food and they went to work. Since Gabbie and Hudson finished first, we all headed outside to give Zel some peace and quiet while she ate. She definitely does take a lot longer with this food! Haha. Soon, she was finished and ready to join them. All three were busy exploring in the dark. Gabbie later came to sit by the door and let me know she wanted back in. It was time anyways, so we did.