Saturday, November 19, 2016


Today I came in and Sage heard me, then she started pacing. I opened her cage and she went zooming out. I cleaned up while she roamed around for awhile. When I finished, I was ready to play fetch with her, but couldn't seem to find her kong. I told her to find it and she didn't know where to look either. Haha! I let her roam around and explore for awhile. Every now and again she'd come running up to me, thinking I had her toy. Nope, sorry! Then she'd race off and check things out some more. When it was time, I got her back in her pen and fed her her dinner. I gave her a dental snack to work on too.

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening I came in and Oreo was racing down the stairs. Stuffy was sitting in the dining room. The boys met me in the kitchen as usual. I saw that both canned food plates had been cleaned, as well as most of Stuffy's dry. They both waited patiently while I got their things together. Oreo ate his little pill sandwich like a good kitty. Both boys snacked on their canned food. Oreo tried to sneak over to Stuffy's food, but I blocked him. He didn't try again after that. Oreo only snacked about as much as he normally does, then went to wait in the living room. Stuffy ate a good portion of his canned and even some of his dry food too. I let him eat until he was finished, then I got out his insulin. He took his shot very well and got some pets afterwards. The boys both met me at our spot after I finished cleaning their box. I turned the fire on for Stuffy since it was a cold day. We sat and watched the fire as the boys enjoyed their pets.


This morning Shadow met me at the door and followed me to the sink to get his breakfast. He brushed up against my legs as he waited patiently. Shadow ate, then I went to scoop his box quick. I went and sat in the living room to wait for him. After a gander at his reflection in the fireplace, he strolled over to come see me. He was feeling quite snuggly this morning and decided to curl up in my lap for awhile. He purred away as he got his pets. Eventually, he worked up his appetite and had to go snack some more. This evening I came in and Shadow was right there again, as usual. He wandered around the kitchen as I got his dishes switched out and got him his treats. Shadow was feeling snuggly again this evening and sat in my lap for quite awhile again. He must be able to sense the cold air outside. Haha! Before I left, he was having some fun batting his pink toy around in the kitchen again.