Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hudson, Zel & Gabbie

This afternoon I came in and all was quiet. I called for the pups and they all started barking excitedly. I let them out and we headed to the door. The pups ran outside to do their business. It was a cold and rainy day today, but luckily the rain had let up while I was there. All three did a little exploring. Soon, Zel and Gabbie were ready to head inside. I dried everyone's paws off and tucked them back in their beds. This evening I let the pups out back while I got their dinner ready. They were ready to eat! Zel was even barking at me to hurry up. Haha! Once Gabbie and Hudson finished, I let them out again. Zel went out to join them when she was done. Just as she was heading out, Gabbie was ready to come back in. She wasn't digging the cold tonight! I let her in and Zel soon was at the door again as well. Hudson stayed out to explore for awhile. The girls and I hung out inside. Hudson came to the door once he'd had enough outside time. The girls had snuggled up together in his crate. So cute!

Oreo & Stuffs

This evening I pulled up and saw Charlie sitting out in the driveway. As I got closer he ran up to the patio by the front door. When I got to him, he seemed like he was acting scared. Not sure if it was the crazy wind that was freaking him out or what. I snuck in to make sure he didn't try to come in with me. Both boys were inside sitting near the front door. I bet they knew he was out there! Haha. I got Oreo and Stuffy their dinners and meds. After we all finished with our things, the boys curled up next to me for some attention time. Stuffy rolled to his side and took a snooze while he got his belly brushed. Oreo sat on the other side and purred away as he got his chin rubs. Later, he went to go eat some more. Stuffy didn't move a muscle, so Oreo actually had to hop over him to get out to the kitchen. Haha!