Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Noell & Navi

This morning the girls both wandered into the kitchen as I came in. They both went and sat by their bowls as they waited for their breakfast. As soon as Noell finished, I took her to the bathroom to try. She didn't do anything for me. Next, it was Navi's turn. No luck there either. I checked out on the patio and both boxes had stuff in it. I changed the liner in the full one for them. Back inside, the girls wandered over for some attention. Navi came right up and sat in my lap. Noell stood right next to her and they both purred as they enjoyed their pets. Noell eventually wandered out to the patio. It was already very nice out this morning. Navi and I played with her toy a bit. She had fun chasing the string on my sweatshirt as well.

Oreo & Stuffs

This morning I saw Oreo and he led the way to the kitchen. He decided to help me this time and hopped up on the counter. He took his medicine and waited while I got breakfast ready. He hopped back down to eat and I brought Stuffy his food. Stuffy wasn't very interested this morning.  After sniffing at the food, he would wander off. I'd bring his food over again, then he'd walk off again. I eventually got him to nibble on it enough to give him his shot. Oreo and I sat by the fire and he got some brush time after Stuffy had had his attention time. This evening both boys were in the dining room. Oreo came right up to the door as I came in to say hi. Oreo decided to help me again tonight. Or rather, wanted to eat treats first! He ate all the treats I put out for him right away. Stuffy was sitting in the living room. I dropped his food off for him as I filled other dishes. This time, he ate pretty well for me. Stuffy got his insulin and some brushes. Oreo sat by the fireplace and waited for his turn.