Monday, January 9, 2017

Noell & Navi

Today the girls both sat by their bowls while they waited for me to deliver their breakfast. They both ate very well. Noell even tried to finish up Navi's leftovers, but I made her take a break, hoping that would help so she wouldn't throw up. I took Navi to the bathroom to try using her potty. Looks like someone had at least peed in there. She didn't want to do anything for me, but at least today she tried pawing at the litter. I met the girls in the living room for some attention. Noell sat by me purring away as she got her pets. Navi had fun playing with the fishy toy. Before I left, I took Navi to try again, but still had no luck. I checked out on the patio to make sure there wasn't any new spots out there. Didn't see anything, so that's good.